What is the function of the snow sweeper?


At present, as the winter enters, many places are begin […]

At present, as the winter enters, many places are beginning to snow. Although the snow scene is very charming, if the road is not cleared in time for school, there will be some dangers. What is the role of the snow sweeping brush for snow removal? Today we Let's take a look!


The work of snow sweeping brush is mainly the work of snow sweeping brush. In fact, it can be said that the other name of snow sweeping brush is snow sweeping brush.


Snow sweeping brushes are actually a variety of industrial brushes, but now most industrial brushes are basically put in industrial production, and snow sweeping brushes are only used for road cleaning, even only in heavy snowy weather. It can come in handy, so the snow sweeper is a very targeted industrial brush.


The main purpose of the snow sweeper is to clean the snow on the highway, because snowy weather often occurs in northern my country, and the amount of snowfall is large, then the snow sweeper will become the main tool and expert for cleaning the road. The birth of the snow sweeping blade greatly reduces labor costs, and at the same time greatly improves the work effect of snow sweeping.



The quality of the brush materials generally used in snow sweeping blades is often very good, because the brush filaments made of materials of inferior quality cannot withstand the high friction of the frozen road at all. When the temperature of the snow sweeping brush is very low, working for a long time can easily cause the brush filament to break. Therefore, the brush filaments of today's snow sweeper blades are mostly made of PP wire and spring steel wire or galvanized steel wire. The snow sweeper blades made in this mode are more flexible and have better abrasion resistance during cleaning. It is strong, and improves the snow removal effect without damaging the road surface, and it is not easy to break. In this way, the environmental sanitation of the town can be protected more vigorously and the municipal government's need for efficient snow removal work can be met.


The performance of the snow sweeper blade is a round steel pipe in the middle part, and 3-4 square steel pipes are welded around it. The size of the round steel pipe and square steel pipe used needs to be determined according to the size of the inner hole of the blade brush, and then the special rivets for the snow sweeping brush are set on the square steel pipe, and the method of rotating clockwise should be used when covering It can be fixed, so that each square steel pipe has a fixed brush, while ensuring that the number of brushes is the same.

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