How to extend the service life of the brush


The brush is also the same as other items, it will wear […]

The brush is also the same as other items, it will wear out during the use process, and has its own limit of life. In the correct use method, the service life of the item can be prolonged, and the wrong use method will only accelerate the life span of use.


What are the factors that determine the service life of the brush? The three factors are analyzed below:

1. Brush quality:
The quality of the brush has a major impact on the service life of the brush. For example, the double-steel-strip brush roller used on the strict stainless steel plate production line must be double-steel-striped, and the internal welding must be neat. It must be controlled well, otherwise a brush roller needs 6 to 7 sections to be assembled together, so that its total length can be controlled well and the installation can be locked in place.


2. How to use:
The correct use of the brush roller can greatly increase its service life. For example, the speed and pressure of a large snow sweeper must be well controlled. The pressure on the ground is small, and the cleaning of dirty snow will not achieve the effect; the pressure is too high, the wear will be accelerated, and the use time will be reduced. So we must grasp the rhythm and use it correctly. Extend its service life. The roller brush of the steel plate pretreatment line has an aluminum alloy structure, which is strong in hardness but relatively brittle. If it is not installed tightly, it will be cracked if it is hit with a hammer, and it will be damaged after a long time. When cleaning the steel shot, first adjust the height of the newly installed roller brush. With the passage of time, the roller brush wire will be shortened. At this time, the roller brush should be lowered to a suitable height. Only in this way can it be used correctly to prolong its service life.

3. Maintenance:
For the brush, the correct maintenance is also needed to extend the service life of the brush. Many people think that brush rollers are generally used to clean industrial products or for industrial polishing, and for this purpose, the brushes generally only have dust and other problems, rather than maintenance. But in fact, in the cleaning process, some metal scraps are caught in the middle of the brush. After long-term use, the effect will only get worse and worse. Regardless of whether it is an industrial brush or an ordinary strip brush for doors and windows, the most important thing is that the brush cannot be cleaned in reverse. Reverse cleaning will increase the gap between the brushes, which will cause splitting and also make the brush elastic. The degree of wear decreases and the degree of wear increases. In the future, in industrial applications, especially grinding, it is easy to scratch the product. After the brush is cleaned, use a dry and absorbent article to wrap the brush to absorb water. It must be squeezed along the structure of the brush. If twisted, it is believed that the brush may not be used after cleaning. Without damaging the industrial brush material, the best drying is to dry in the shade. Let the bristles face down is to follow the trend of the brush, upward because the water contained in the brush itself will change the weight, thereby changing the density of the brush. The brushes in the textile industry should pay more attention to these problems. After all, if the brush loses its own characteristics, it will cause damage to the wool in industrial use, but it will cause immeasurable losses.

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