How to identify microfiber towels


Fine fiber is a high quality, high technology textile m […]

Fine fiber is a high quality, high technology textile material. Generally, a fiber having a fineness of 0.3 denier (5 micrometers or less) is referred to as an ultrafine fiber. China has been able to produce 0.13-0.3 denier ultrafine fibers. Due to the extremely fineness of the microfiber, the stiffness of the filament is greatly reduced, and the fabric feel is extremely soft. The fine fiber can also increase the layered structure of the filament, increase the specific surface area and capillary effect, and make the reflected light inside the fiber more finely distributed on the surface. It has a silky elegant luster and good moisture absorption and moisture permeability. Due to its small diameter, the microfiber has a small bending stiffness, a particularly soft fiber feel, a strong cleaning function and a waterproof and breathable effect. The towel made of microfiber has the characteristics of high water absorption, high softness and non-deformation, and is a new favorite of the 21st century in many industries.
The introduction of microfiber towels allowed investors to smell the business opportunities and began to join the ranks. However, there are a lot of towels on the market with microfiber slogans, but the water absorption is very poor or the hand feel is very rough. So, how do consumers and towel purchasers purchase authentic microfiber towels?
   The really water-absorbent microfiber towel is a product made by mixing polyester polyester in a certain proportion. After long-term research and experimentation, Sichuan Yafa has produced the most absorbent towel for hairdressing and beauty. The mixing ratio of polyester and nylon is 80:20. The disinfection towel made by this ratio has strong water absorption and is also guaranteed. The softness and non-deformation of the towel. It is the best manufacturing ratio for disinfecting towels. There are many unscrupulous merchants on the market who pretend to be pure polyester towels as superfine fiber towels, which can greatly reduce the cost, but the towel does not absorb water and can not effectively absorb the moisture on the hair, thus failing to achieve the effect of dry hair. There is no way to use it as a hair towel.

      1, feel: pure polyester towel feels slightly rough, can clearly feel the fiber on the towel is not detailed and close; polyester nylon mixed microfiber towel touch is very soft and not thorny, look looks Thick and firm.
    2. Water absorption test: Spread plain polyester towel and polyester towel on the table and pour the same water separately. The moisture on the pure polyester towel completely penetrates into the towel after a few seconds, and the towel is picked up. Most of the moisture remains on the table; the moisture on the polyester towel is absorbed instantaneously and completely absorbed on the towel, and remains on the table. . This experiment demonstrates the super absorbentness of polyester-acrylic microfiber towels and is the most suitable for hairdressing.
In fact, through the above two methods, it is possible to easily distinguish whether the towel is a polyester-cotton 80:20 mixed proportion towel, which can be more convenient when selected.

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