Brush is an indispensable artifact in people's lives


For the brush, many people know that the brush has a ve […]

For the brush, many people know that the brush has a very high probability of being in life, but the general brush is different from the industrial brush. On the basis of the ordinary brush, the material is mixed. The brushes then come in different models and uses depending on the material and the scope of use. Brush is an irreplaceable consumable part in various industries. Machines in various industries have different brush sets. The function is to pre-treat, clean, grind, wax and so on the surface of the object. Thereby bringing different work benefits to various industries. For now, the brush has become a must-have in our lives. The things we use to brush our teeth, suck blood and wash clothes in our lives are all types of brushes, even women's makeup. The brush is also a branch of it. Of course, with the advancement of technology and the times, there have been many brushes for other purposes. According to the relevant technical personnel, from the initial civil stage has gradually expanded to the multiple production links of industrial manufacturing, it can be said that the brush is not only a common tool in the life of residents, but also indispensable in the modern industrial production process. Accessories, lack of brushes, inconvenient living, industrial production is affected. Therefore, do not underestimate the brush. To put it simply, there are many brushes used by ordinary people, except for those listed by our production technicians, such as shoe polish brushes, household dust brushes, wall paint brushes, etc.; and the hair used in industrial production. Brush is the application of the current brush industry. In summary, the role of industrial brush is basically divided into four aspects: cleaning, dustproof, polishing, and grinding. The brush material used is also very wide. In addition to the animal hair and plastic wire commonly used in civilian brushes, it also extends to wire brush, copper wire brush, brown wire brush, abrasive wire brush and many other materials. Industrial brushes play an irreplaceable auxiliary role in many aspects of industrial production, thereby promoting the improvement of industrial production efficiency and industrial efficiency.

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