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Mobile car wash is a burgeoning business in most urban […]

Mobile car wash is a burgeoning business in most urban areas. There will be no car owners who do not like the idea of the cleaning personnel coming to their homes to do the cleaning. Almost all of them will be ready to pay a few extra bucks for the trouble that cleaning workers take to come to their homes.

Pros and cons of portable automobile wash
As per a business point of view, this is a win-win situation. Both business owners and customers love the idea of mobile car wash. However, in practical terms, it can pose some hazards. For example, what if the garage or courtyard of the customers does not have enough space to carry out the cleaning?

People running or planning to run the mobile car wash business should take this aspect into account. While you cannot foresee all the possible scenarios, you can at least try to eliminate the commonly-occurring problems.

Buying the right kind of machines is important. If you buy the wrong machines, you will end up making compromises in customer service. The following are some tips to buy the most suitable cleaning machines for a mobile car wash business.

Machines for cleaning vehicles
What are the cleaning machines you require for washing the automobiles? Almost all the popular cleaning machines, such as pressure washers, steam cleaners, and carpet cleaners, can be used for automobile cleaning. The one peculiar problem with this cleaning task is that you cannot use a single machine to clean all the surfaces in a vehicle.

It must be noted that the various surfaces in and on an automobile have varying levels of hardness. For example, the body is made of hard metals, and same is the case with engine parts. Windshield glasses too are hard, but brittle. Fabric seat upholstery and carpets, on the other hand, are soft surfaces.

For running a portable car wash business successfully, business owners have to use smart mobile car wash machines that will carry out easily like car pressure washers for cleaning the hard exterior parts and portable carpet cleaner machines for cleaning the soft interior parts.

WHEEL BRUSH-Car wheel tire washing brush

Pressure washers
Car pressure washers do not require very high pressure output as other industrial pressure washing machines. The output pressure should never exceed 1500 psi while cleaning the vehicle body. Using machines with higher output pressure levels would result in paint damage.

Similarly, flow rate does not need to be exceptionally high. Auto detailing pressure cleaners, with their low flow rate, limit the quantity of water passed on to the surface. Some of the top-quality autos detailing pressure wash systems have a flow rate as low as 0.5 gpm.

Carpet cleaners
The first thing portable carpet cleaner machines for cleaning vehicles should have is a low flow technology. It is also better for a portable car wash business to buy upholstery cleaners equipped with a special wand for cleaning seat upholstery and carpets. Take special care while choosing the upholstery cleaners.

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