What should I pay attention to when cleaning the car


Precautions for car washing Cars should be washed and w […]

Precautions for car washing Cars should be washed and waxed frequently when driving, and the following points should be noted when cleaning the car:
(1) The longer the debris such as salt, dust, insects, bird droppings, etc. sticks to the car, the more destructive it is to the car, and it should be cleaned in time.

(2) When washing the car with water, be careful not to spray water into the keyhole for drought disasters.

(3) If the car is sent to the automatic cleaning equipment for cleaning, the car equipped with the roof antenna does not need to remove the antenna.

(4) Asphalt, oil stains and industrial dust stick to the body for too long, it will damage the paint. Use asphalt scavengers, insect removers, etc. to remove stains in time.

(5) When cleaning the painted surface of the car body, do not use a brush or coarse cloth to avoid scratches.

(6) When cleaning, spray with dispersed water to make the hard soil soaked and washed away, then use a sponge to scrub from top to bottom, and finally wipe off the water trace with a cloth.

(7) When cleaning the engine room, be careful not to splash water on electrical system parts such as distributors and ignition coils. Otherwise it will make the engine difficult to start. If accidentally spilled on the electrical system, wipe it with a dry cloth, or blow the water with compressed air and wipe off the moisture in the distributor cover.

(8) After washing the car or driving in a deep water area, the braking effect may be reduced due to the soaking of the braking part. The brake should be lightly pressed to determine the braking effect. When the brake is not normal, you should step on the brake and drive at a low speed for a period of time to dry the brake.


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