What brush is good for car washing


Teach you how to wash your car properly There is still […]

Teach you how to wash your car properly

There is still a "meticulous knowledge" in car washing. If you wash well and drive a new car every day, if you do not wash well, the paint may become dark, rough, and finally cracked in three to five years. This shows that car washing skills are very important.

What brush is good for car washing

Use a soft cotton brush to wash the car: Some car owners may wash the car with a plastic brush and feel that it is cleaner, but these will cause scratches. Computer car washing machines are usually installed with soft cotton brushes, which will not harm the car paint. Some car washing machines also use ultra-soft cotton silk cloth brushes. When washing the car, the cloth brushes are rotated at a medium speed by the motor, and only the soft fluff on the outside of the cloth brushes is in contact with the car body, which will not harm the car body. Therefore, you should use a soft cotton cloth brush or sponge to wash the car yourself. It is best to use high-quality (knitted) towels and deerskin when cleaning the car.

Non-dewaxing car washing liquid for car washing

Some car wash shops use detergent and washing powder to wash the car. The dirt and stains are easy to clean. At the same time, the paint on the car body is also eroded. The car body will become dull and bright, and the paint surface will burst and fall off. Therefore, you must use a non-dewaxing car wash for car washing, because dewaxing is only used when a new car is waxed.

Car washing must use circulating water

Some car owners do n’t want to go to the car wash shop. They feel the car is dirty and ca n’t stand it anymore. Holding the dirty rag and using the dirty water with repeated use of sand, I felt distressed at the car. Wash the car with dead water. The washed soil is brought into the bucket by a towel. After the towel has been drenched in muddy water, it will be brought back to the body and wiped back and forth on the vehicle body. The gloss even fades, so you need to change the water frequently when washing your car.

Do not wash your car in strong sunlight

Many car owners like to wash their cars in the sun, and feel that the car dries quickly. However, when washing a car under strong sunlight, the water droplets on the vehicle body are equivalent to small convex lenses. After the direct sunlight is focused by the water droplets, the heat is concentrated, and the car paint is easily damaged after a long time. Therefore, it is best to choose a car wash in a sheltered place, or on a cloudy or sunny morning and evening.

Washing the car once a week is best

There are two situations in daily car use. Some car owners wash their cars for three days due to their cleanliness, but some car owners do not wash their cars once every few months. Both of these behaviors are not desirable. In general, washing once a week is more appropriate. For ordinary dust, you can use feather duster or soft mop to smooth it. But if you encounter dust, mud, heavy rain, etc., self-driving car owners should clean their cars as soon as possible.

1. Avoid washing the car before the engine is completely cooled, otherwise the engine will age prematurely.

2. Avoid washing the car in cold weather. Once the water freezes, it will cause the paint film to crack.

3. Do not use hot water, alkaline water and high hardness water to wash the car, because it will damage the paint, and leave marks and films on the body surface after drying.

5. Avoid rubbing the car body with a rag. If you want to wipe, use a sponge. When rubbing, you should wipe it from top to bottom along the direction of water flow.

6. Avoid using detergents, stains on the car, such as asphalt, oil stains, birds, insect dung, etc., use a sponge dipped in kerosene or gasoline to gently wipe, then apply polishing paste to the rubbed area to make it shiny As always.

7. Avoid touching the surface with dirty hands that are stained with oil, so that it is easy to leave the glenoid on the painted surface or make the painted surface fade prematurely.

8. If the tire or wheel rim is stained with oil, first clean it with a descaling agent, and then spray the tire maintenance agent.

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