What are the characteristics of the sweeping brush


The reason why the road sweeper can be cleaned and clea […]

The reason why the road sweeper can be cleaned and cleaned is because it has a special brush inside. The cleaning robot has been used for a long time, and its internal brush will deposit a lot of dust and debris, so it must be disassembled and sorted regularly. This article briefly introduces its brush finishing process.


The sequence is as follows: press the yellow button to remove the structure on the brush. Remove the brush cap. Use the cleaning tool included with the product to move the brush back and forth in the sleeve to remove the hair on the brush. Special attention should be paid to the fact that if the brush cap and bearing are not installed, the machine may be used for cleaning, which may cause damage to the machine. It is recommended to tidy up the brush after every 3 to 5 uses.

The strip brush can handle the maintenance of home decoration doors and windows. The strip brush handles the maintenance of home decoration doors and windows. The detailed operations are as follows: If the gauze can be disassembled and cleaned, it is of course the most complete and cleanest. But if you can’t take it apart, you don’t need to worry, as long as you have a vacuum cleaner in your home, the problem can be solved easily.


Detailed operation method: First spread the newspaper, spread it on the inside of the gauze, and fix the edge with gelatin. Then use the suction head of the vacuum cleaner with a brush to suck the dust against the outside of the gauze. After cleaning, take the newspaper off and stick it on the other side, and perform the same operation again.


After that, prepare two wet towels moistened with detergent, one for the inner surface of the gauze net and the other for the outside of the gauze net, sandwiching the gauze for synchronous scrubbing. Then, after washing the towel with clean water, repeat the previous action. Look at it now, the gauze that was originally full of dust and mud has become clean and beautiful, right? Not only that, but it won't make the house full of dust.

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