What are the characteristics of microfiber


Superfine fiber is a non-polluting high-tech new textil […]

Superfine fiber is a non-polluting high-tech new textile material, the composition of which is an ultrafine microfiber produced by the organic compound of polyester and nylon. At present, it is widely used in the international weaving of garments and home textiles, among which the ultra-fine fiber pearl towel is the most prominent. Because it is a highly functional raw material with water absorption, good air permeability, and not easy to breed bacteria (after treatment by a special process, it can also be antibacterial and antibacterial), China is investing heavily in research and development of the home textile industry in this area. . It uses polyester-nylon particles as raw materials to produce polyester-nylon composite ultra-fine fiber yarn which is standard 8020 high-quality polyester-nylon composite yarn.

MICROFIBER CLOTH-Mesh Cloth Microfiber Towel For Car

The gaps between the filaments can attract dust, grease, and dirt until they are washed away with clean water or soap or detergent. These voids can also absorb a lot of water, so ultra-fine fibers have strong water absorption. And because it is only kept in the gap, it can be dried quickly, so it can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria. Ordinary fabric will leave residues on the surface being cleaned. Because there is no gap to accommodate dirt, the surface of the rag will be very dirty and difficult to clean. The microfiber fabric has countless tiny spatulas that can shovel and store dirt until it is washed away.

Because the ultra-fine fiber is thin and soft, it can be used as a clean cloth to remove dirt. It can wipe all kinds of glasses, film and television equipment, precision instruments, and there is no damage to the mirror surface; the ultra-fine fiber can also be made into a very smooth surface Super high-density fabric, used to make sportswear for skiing, skating, swimming, etc. can reduce resistance and help athletes create good results

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