Unique advantages of a good brush


The perfect honing tool for surface processing as well […]

The perfect honing tool for surface processing as well as for deburring and rounding edges on, for example, cylinder and piston running surfaces, bores, pipes, valve guides and a multitude of other areas of application. They are mainly used in the automotive industry, hydraulics and pneumatics, aerospace technology and the weapons industry.

Can be used in a variety of ways thanks to a sophisticated technical principle. The basis of the flexible performance are balls made of abrasive, which are anchored in a synthetic resin bond on the bristle tips. This makes them particularly elastic and flexible honing tools with outstanding product properties.

The flexible brush trim creates a clean, controlled surface finish that is freed of metal fragments, burrs, edges or metal residues. The relatively gentle grinding process due to the flexible brush results in a cross-cut, which benefits any later required lubricating film adhesion, for example for oil in cylinder bores.

The flexibility as one of the outstanding product properties enables the self-centering brush with its abrasive balls to adapt to non-round bores and to have a smooth, finely ground surface even with difficult objects.

Outstanding product properties

Uniform edge rounding and deburring over the entire service life
Can even be used with the simplest machines due to its flexibility and self-alignment
Creates a surface improvement / refinement of the surface structure
Uncomplicated changing process, thus little setup effort
Ball sizes and bristle lengths can be configured individually
The bristles of the basic brush can be designed variably

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