The innovation of cleaning business model is promising


As the general trend of cleaning outsourcing in our cou […]

As the general trend of cleaning outsourcing in our country continues to spread, the number of cleaning service companies has exploded rapidly in recent years. However, after a short period of prosperity, most cleaning service companies (especially relatively large-scale Small companies) will be caught in vicious competition and cannot extricate themselves.

On many online platforms, property cleaning operators continue to complain that “cleaning service companies have low entry barriers, single services, outdated development models, low-profit competition for cleaning service projects, and difficulties in the development of corporate brands...

In order to provide some enlightenment to property cleaning service companies in the difficult development process, Baiyun Clean conducted a market survey of development models for 62 companies engaged in property cleaning, hoping that cleaning service companies can choose a suitable development model according to their actual conditions.

Facing the long-term confusion of low-profit competition in the cleaning service industry, the industry's enthusiasm for exploring the path of cleaning service innovation is soaring. At the same time, it has also caused some companies to act too hastily on the development model, and eventually fall into operating difficulties. Cleaning service companies must draw on the essence of other successful development models according to their own operating conditions and formulate development models that are in line with the company's actual conditions, and must not copy the models of other companies invariably.

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