The cleaning process of car interiors is also very important


Because the steering wheel is often held by hand, it is […]

Because the steering wheel is often held by hand, it is easy to get dirty. If you stick your hands, it will affect your driving mentality. You only need to clean it with water. If you add a little cleaner, it will be easier to decontaminate, but you should be careful to scrub it with water.

The materials of car steering wheels are roughly divided into three types: urethane, leather and wood. Most of them are urethane, which is easy to stain. A lot of leather is used in high-end cars, and it is difficult to remove the dirt. If the dirt is not cleaned, it will gradually become difficult to clean and the leather is easy to change color. It must be noted that the surface of the wood is treated with resin, and the dirt is easy to fall off. After the wood gets old, the resin sometimes cracks.

The gear lever of the car is also very easy to get dirty. Most of the gear lever handles are made of resin. It is easy to remove the dirt by wiping with a clean towel or sprayed with a neutral detergent.

The handle of the parking brake is also very easy to get dirty, and there is a lot of dust at the bottom, which should be wiped clean.

The tools that need to be used are clean cloth, neutral detergent and water. Do not wipe with a wet cloth.

Hands often touch the center console, and the oil on the hands will be stained on the center console, so you must use a neutral detergent to clean it. It should be noted that it is best to consider when choosing the type of cleaning agent. Inferior cleaning agents will discolor the plastic. If used improperly, it may cause the color of the center console to fall off. If it is an anti-static plastic cleaner, the effect will be better.

When cleaning the center console, you should also prepare some cotton swabs, because the shape of the center console is so varied, and there are often some crevices that cannot be cleaned by hand. At this time, the cotton swabs come in handy. Of course, it would be better if you have a small air spray gun.

To clean the dashboard, you must use a soft cloth and special detergent to avoid wiping the dashboard.

Other less noticeable parts also need to be cleaned: the hand groove on the door side is often used as a garbage chute. You can take a hard sponge and dip it in an all-purpose cleaner. Use a toothbrush to help the corners and wait for them to dry.

When the seat belt is too dirty, it soils the driver's clothes and even affects its function. There is no need to remove the seat belt when cleaning, first scrub with light soapy water, and then rinse with clean water. Do not roll the tape immediately after washing, but dry it in a cool place.

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