Talking about how to diversify the brush industry?


With the development of my country's society and econom […]

With the development of my country's society and economy and the improvement of overall national strength, the market demand for domestic brush products has continued to increase, and the production level of brush products represented by civilian brushes and industrial brushes has also increased significantly to a certain extent. However, in order to improve the international competitiveness of the domestic brush industry and get rid of the bottleneck of development, the key lies in opening up the market while greatly improving the technical capabilities of processing, paying attention to detail and diversification.

Comparing the development of the international brush industry and the status quo of China's brush industry, the brush industry should take full advantage of the 4G mobile Internet to participate in international competition, promote the construction of industry informatization, actively adjust the product structure and build a sound marketing System and expanding competition space are the future development of the domestic brush industry. The following suggestions can be referred to.

1. Extend to the domestic first-class trade fair and first-class professional brush exhibition, so that its products can be displayed in an all-round way and integrated into the platform of "display, communication and cooperation".
2. Extend to internationalization, attract more foreign merchants with preferential policies, expand international channels, and go abroad.
3. To extend to the invisible market represented by 4G mobile Internet, gradually realize the extension of e-commerce online transactions, and establish an online market.
Fourth, extend to the distribution market.
5. Extend to the equipment industry and segment the market.
6. To set up marketing agencies in other places to make them the forefront of product promotion.
Seven: Start early deployment along the "One Road, One Belt" route.
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