Professional tool deicing shovel to deal with snow on car windows


Can a wiper be used for deicing the window? When you lo […]

Can a wiper be used for deicing the window? When you look at the problem, you know that you are a novice driver. Generally, drivers who have been driving for more than a year can list several solutions for such problems. Everyone is a novice, so let’s talk together. The windows are frozen, what should I do?

Some people will say that it is not easy, just shovel it. I think that specific problems need to be dealt with specifically. It is more reliable to use professional tools to remove the ice and to deal with the snow and thick ice on the car windows. It is very fast and convenient. Some people may choose to use boiling water, although The temperature is low and there is ice in the car, but don't use boiling water, because don't forget that your wiper is a rubber strip. Don't pick up sesame seeds or lose watermelon. If you don't have other tools, you can choose to pour it with warm water, so that the ice cubes will melt a little bit and it will be easier to handle. But this method has drawbacks. It requires a lot of water, and because the temperature is low, the remaining water will condense into ice again. Then you need to prepare absorbent towels to wipe off the water.

There is a simple, time-saving and labor-saving way to buy deicing agent, which can be found by just searching. Using a deicing agent can not only quickly melt ice and snow, but also prevent it from condensing into ice again. Does it work well?

It snows several times a year, especially drivers who need to go to work very early. In the morning, the air humidity is high and the temperature is low. After using the above methods to de-icing, don’t be careless. The thing is to turn on the car heater, turn on the windshield heater, and warm up the car for a few minutes before starting. Why is this? In the morning, there is heavy humidity. When the car is driving, the car glass will be stained with water. At low temperatures, the water will condense into ice, which will affect the vision and cause dangerous driving.

In addition to the above-mentioned solutions, there is a preventive measure, buy a car cover. The car won't drive, so when the temperature of the hood drops, put the car on. The car cover was lifted the next morning, and the body was dry, so there was no need to worry about freezing again. Of course, parking the car in the indoor garage will not have this trouble.

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