Choose the right microfiber cloth to maintain your car


If you have ever driven on a busy highway and found tha […]

If you have ever driven on a busy highway and found that the car parked next to it has become dirty, you may have witnessed the effect of microfiber cloth on the surface of the car. Microfiber cloth prevents this phenomenon by using a revolutionary new texture, which is extremely soft and gentle on car paint surfaces. The name "microfiber" is derived from the small cloth itself. It does not have a rough surface. In fact, it miraculously gently absorbs dust and dirt without actually making the surface rough. After proper maintenance, the microfiber cloth can be used for several years and provide many good maintenance seasons for your car.

When cleaning the car with a microfiber cloth, always start with low heat and wipe the surface of the car with a soft cloth. Never use a microfiber cloth to wipe the car with very hot water or abrasives, as this will permanently damage the soft cloth. If you use the rag in direct sunlight, it is important to use the lowest possible temperature so that the sun does not affect the drying time. Do not use sunscreen when drying the car, as this will cause a film to form and make the paint film dull over time.

Microfiber cloth is specially used to clean various surfaces including metal, glass, plastic and vinyl. These cloths are not only low maintenance costs, but also ideal for cleaning furniture, seat cushions, cushions, blinds, carpets and almost any surface you want to clean. You can use these cloths on windows, mirrors, doors, cabinets, window sills and any surface you want to see the car.

The secret to cleaning anything with a microfiber cloth is the quality of the fiber. Microfiber cloth is made of high-quality polyamide fiber per square inch. High-quality polyamide fibers are tightly woven to form a smooth, shiny and wrinkle-free surface. To ensure that no particles are left on the surface when the cloth is used to clean the surface, high-quality fibers used to make microfiber cloths have been woven.

After using microfiber cloth on glass, mirrors and other surfaces, do not drag the cloth on it. After using the washing machine to dry, please do the same as when taking care of the washing machine. Dry the clean microfiber on a towel with your hands, and then put it in the dishwasher. The cloth should be washed during the normal cycle of the washing machine, and the dishes should be clean. However, if the dishes are still dirty or dirty after the dishwashing process, they should be removed to allow them to air dry.

When hanging towels, you can hang them in the laundry room, or you can hang them with invisible knots. Hanging towels on clothing will allow them to dry more efficiently without fraying the fibers. Microfiber towels are often called split fibers because the fibers are very tightly woven. This makes the microfiber towel dry very fast, with little or no residue. Therefore, you can use towels wherever you want to dry your clothes.

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