Causes of "dog bone"-like wear of brushes


During daily use, due to improper use or configuration, […]

During daily use, due to improper use or configuration, it may have a "dog bone" or "dumbbell" phenomenon. It will directly cause the use of the brush to be shortened, and the product will not wear well. What caused that phenomenon?

1. In use, this phenomenon tends to be uneven manually, or the layout is always placed in the middle.

2. Configure drama sculpture. The body transfer width of some equipment matches the width of the brush period to remove the effective length of the brush eye without losing the transfer width. This requires special "cut edge" processing for the configuration drama roll

3. Equipment, due to the long-term wear of the Ken pressure wheel on the equipment, in severe cases, even if the brushed surface is flat, the wear marks still show the phenomenon of "dog bones".

4. During the process, due to long-term accumulation of uneven release of the plate, the phenomenon of "dog bones" may also appear.



Based on. The reason for the above-mentioned "dog bones" is that the following countermeasures can be taken.

1. In terms of use, try to use the automatic left and right board. And the width of the board must be adjusted. If you use manual placement of the board, the worker must place the board on the left and in the correct position, and then close the left and right baffles. This is useful for prolonging the use time of the brush roller.

2. Configure the brush limit. The effective width of the brush should be determined according to the width of the board or the transfer width, and it should be processed by a special "bearing".

3. Equipment: Please replace the wear-resistant back pressure roller in time.

4. In the process, a system should be established to check the wear traces of each shift and brush the board until the wear traces are qualified.

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