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Everyone who has a car at home knows that it costs tens […]

Everyone who has a car at home knows that it costs tens of yuan to wash the car once a month. This is acceptable in some ordinary families, but the car often stays in the open air and encounters wind and rain. There is dust everywhere, I can’t look at it. It’s not economical to always go to a car wash. After refueling at some gas stations, you can wash the car for free, but those that are cleaned by a machine will scratch the surface of the car, so it is not an ideal place. So many friends start to buy tools and wash them at home when the car is a bit dirty, and then go to the car wash shop regularly. This is an ideal way to clean the car and save a lot of money.

Many friends who have not bought car wash tools will ask which tools are often used and what the price is. The car washing tool to be introduced here is a car washing brush, which is soft and does not shed hair and does not hurt the car. The car washing brush rod is retractable, which can make it easier to wash the car. However, because there are many car brush manufacturers on the market, the price of car wash brushes is different, and because different manufacturers use different materials, it will also have some impact on the price of car wash brushes.

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